72 MHz, 32 bit ARM microprocessor with 1MB Flash and 96 KB RAM
Micro SD socket, 2 GB Card
Ethernet WiFi with RPSMA antenna connector
ZigBee with RPSMA antenna connector
2 analog inputs supporting 4-20mA, 0-10V and 10K T3
4 Digital inputs optically isolated
6 Analog outputs supporting 4-20mA and 0-10V
3 relay digital outputs 1 triac digital output

*Optional GPRS modem

Field Node

72 MHz, 32 bit ARM microprocessor with 1MB Flash and 96 KB RAM
Micro SD socket , 2 GB Card
ZigBee with RPSMA antenna connector
6 analog inputs supporting soil moisture sensors
2 10K T3 analog inputs
2 digital inputs optically isolated
6 Analog outputs supporting 4-20mA and 0-10V
4 relay digital outputs
The AgSmarts’ platform consists of three layers of intelligence:

First layer: Field Nodes
Our intelligent microprocessor-based modules have multiple inputs and outputs including 6 soil moisture sensor and 2 temperature sensor inputs. Each field node is equipped with a Zigbee radio that wirelessly communicates its data and status to the autonomous pivot controller. The field nodes log data, report their locations and make analytical decisions to self calibrate, report malfunctions and conserve battery power. AgSmarts’ field node is designed to operate at least 1 year on a single battery charge.

Second layer: Intelligent Pivot Controller
Once configured, the Pivot controller is capable of autonomous operation of an irrigation pivot. Intelligent algorithms constantly interpret real-time field conditions and compare them to locally stored and cloud-based matching historical irrigation performance accompanied with hyper-local weather data to optimize the timing and duration of irrigation events. The controller will notify producers of imminent irrigation events and allow for manual override if necessary. If not overridden, the pivot controller will optimally irrigate to the configured crops specifications. The pivot controller logs all field node data and irrigation data and pushes that data to the AgSmarts’ Cloud Layer as well.

Third layer: AgSmarts’ Cloud Layer
The AgSmarts’ Cloud Layer consists of our proprietary irrigation optimization analytics engine and producer portal. The analytics engine refines data submitted by our global network of pivot controllers and weather services. It categorizes the data by similar crop types, field characteristics and weather conditions. Irrigation outcomes are factored in and efficient irrigation recommendations are made. Local pivot controllers draw from this globally aggregated data to “learn” and become more efficient irrigators in their respective corners of the world.

An easy-to-use, cloud-based portal is provided to farmers so that they may view, override and create reports from their field’s data. Through our open APIs, the data pulled from our systems is also accessible via existing Precision Ag apps the producer may prefer to use.

Field Data Provided:
Irrigation Events – Number and duration of events; amount of water used per event; power used per event; last event time; forecasted next event time
Current System and Site Status – Position of pivot and nodes; current soil moisture, soil temperatures and ambient temperatures across the production site; current hyper-local weather data; 10 day environmental condition forecast; current system voltage and current; system alarm/theft data
System Production Reports – Time period selectable reports for: energy (kWh) consumed; water used; number of irrigation cycles; soil heat maps; soil moisture content at varying depths

Producers can download any or all of their data from the app as well.

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