About Us

AgSmarts is a Precision Ag technology company that offers moisture-sensing technology, predictive analytics, and farm equipment automation that represent an innovative revolution in data-driven agriculture.

Our Mission

At AgSmarts, we are dedicated to helping growers like you lower operational expenses and optimize crop yields. Our field-based, internet-enabled sensor and controller networks give you unprecedented crop specific, predictive recommendations, and automated control.

Our Service

Our solution is built upon modular hardware and software. This makes it ideal for scaling. When your needs change, it can change with you.

Our Fee

When you purchase our hardware, you own it. The basic portal and web apps are free. The only time you pay a subscription price is when you opt in for more advanced features.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Our sensors help you understand the environmental conditions of your fields. This information can help you make the right agronomic decisions on when and where to apply inputs.

Predictive Analytics

Our tracking software can help you determine when, where, and to what degree you need to adjust your irrigation strategy.

Mobile App & Web Portal

You can access actionable data through our mobile app and web portal. We put the power of critical information in the palm of your hand.


AgSmarts is a Precision Ag technology company that provides remote environmental sensing technology, predictive agronomic analytics, and farm equipment automation. AgSmarts’ platform combines hardware and software solutions into a versatile, powerful and cost effective suite of tools that producers, researchers and agronomic consultants can use today in the struggle to conserve natural resources, control operational costs and maximize crop yields.

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